Tablet-Based Activities for Care Homes

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-1-26-12-pmVITA is a tablet-based activity program for volunteer groups visiting nursing homes. It was developed at the NUS HCI Lab to assist volunteers who are visiting older adults in nursing homes who have cognitive impairments.  It provides pre-packaged, customised activities for volunteers, and is the result of extensive, ethnographic field research.

[Project Video (30s)] [Project Presentation at CHI 2017]

Related papers:

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Related Grants:

  1. Community Silver Trust from the Agency for Integrated Care/Ministry of Health, via Villa Francis Home for the Aged
  2. National University of Singapore Academic Research Fund Tier 1 Grant Number 251RES1617

NEXP Experimental Design Tool and Course


NEXP was developed by my colleague Meng Xiao Jun and with the lab we prepared and ran a course at CHI 2016 on improving learning and doing controlled experiment design.

[Course Website]

Related papers:

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