VITA: Volunteer Interactions via Tablet-based Activities, for Long Term Care Residents with Dementia

Concept of  Tablet-Assisted Activity Program
Concept of Tablet-Assisted Activity Program


Since last year, I’ve been working on a tablet-based program to help non-expert caregivers facilitate engagement activities for residents of long term care facilities who have dementia. Engagement activities have been shown to be an effective non-pharmacological alternative to help reduce undesirable, so called “difficult” behaviours from residents. It also promotes well-being, and can give caregivers a way to increase self-efficacy and confidence in their caregiving abilities. However, the shortage of caregivers, especially of expert caregivers, makes it challenging to deliver one-on-one, customized engagement activities. In this tablet-based program, we leveraged theory and practice to create a system to guide volunteer visitors in understanding the (dis)abilities of the resident, and facilitating their engagement with the tablet-based games or activities.

The paper documenting this project has been submitted for review.

UPDATE Dec 2017: Paper has been accepted to CHI 2017! Here is the slide deck CHI2017v4


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