Giving a talk at a hackathon

Hello! My name is FOONG Pin Sym, and I am a Research Fellow at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore. I manage the Telehealth Core, a service core with the mission of developing patient-centric digital health tools. My PI is Prof Gerald Koh .

My PhD is from the NUS Graduate School of Integrative Sciences and Engineering. While I was there I was working at the NUS HCI Lab where my supervisor was A/P Zhao Shengdong.

Welcome to my blog and publications site. I write about creating interactions for older adults and I’m interested in research on technologies for patients and their caregivers, computationally supported medical assessments and telerehab. My work is focused on designing for health, persuasion and wellness.

I have experience as a lecturer, a consultant and a researcher. My full CV is available for viewing on LinkedIn. I also give talks on designing for older adults!

Email me pinsym[at]

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